ॐ Spiritual Love ॐ

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Sarah. ♀. 20. Taurus ♉. Libra Rising ♎. Moon in Virgo ♍. studying in psychology.

I AM: an independent thinker, for human & animal rights,
a french-canadian, a vegetarian, an indigo child, a master in Reiki.

I DO: meditation, drawing, painting, writing & work in a tea shop.

I LOVE: tea, nature, art, Gandhi, nudity, philosophy, harmony, spirituality, freedom, peace, love & happiness...


Hey guys!! :) one of my friend and I want to do a roadtrip in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts… Do you guys know cool place we can go? :p

P.S. I love tea, art, forest, hippie shops! And I will need camping area to sleep also!

Thank you guys!! You can reply or message me it is as you want! :)

Much loveee

More suggestions around Boston? 


The Arctic Monkeys - I Wanna Be Yours

Secrets I have held in my heart, 
Are harder to hide than I thought, 
Maybe I just wanna be yours.
I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours.

(via daisymerollinjoints)